Never miss a new patient call again!

I was just like you, a business owner needing new customers, but didn't know where to turn. I knew I was over spending and suffering from staff inefficiencies on the phone - something needed to change. After implementing Call Tracker ROI, my marketing costs are at an all-time low, and revenue and staff efficiency are at an all-time high. I am averaging 300 new customers a month while helping other businesses just, like you, do the same. Call Tracker ROI has changed my business, and I know it can change yours too.

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See for yourself what we track and summarize for you every month.

Call Tracker ROI IS your security alarm and fire alarm all in one!

There are two sides of the marketing coin

On the one side you need to know if your marketing dollars are working. Are you getting the quantity and quality calls you need? If your marketing expenses aren't justified, you will suffer from negative ROI. Negative ROI means your money is being stolen. Call Tracker ROI is your security system. It alerts you to the thousands of dollars you could be losing with your current marketing efforts.
Call Tracker ROI serves as your fire alarm. If your team is not answering or converting calls it is a lost opportunity. Often offices don't even know they are missing calls or why new patient calls are not being converted. Not answering and converting these calls to appointments is like your house is burning down around you. Call Tracker ROI is your fire alarm that alerts you to the missed opportunity.

Dr. Phelps and his team are here to help. Every month you'll get Call TrackerROI reports about your office and Dr. Phelps' team can coach you and your team on how you can have 5-15 more new patients per month without spending any more marketing money.

How do you know if you need Call Tracker ROI?

33%-55% of your new patient calls from ad sources go to voicemail or get a busy signal every month. These are calls you paid for and no one even knows it's happening! How many are you missing out on?
If you only have one way your patients can communicate with you. Do you have a HIPPA compliant live chat feature on your website? If not you are missing out on new patient opportunities right now. We need to have multiple ways for patients to communicate with us in the way they want to communicate with us.
If a potential patient calls in and goes to voicemail, within seconds they are Googling someone else and are gone. If you want to stop these patients from going elsewhere check out our patented text alert feature.
Nationwide the conversion rate of dental and specialty offices is averaging 34%. They should be 70% or higher. If you think you are like the rest of the country we can help.
Half of your marketing dollars are working and half are not. The problem is you don't know which half is which. So if you want to know the true ad source of where your numbers are coming from we can help.
If you are having trouble getting your team to get the conversions you need check out Golden Goose Scheduling.
Why settle for the anticipated ROI when you can have the actual ROI. Talk to us about how we can show you the difference and why it is important to get the actual ROI.

Call Tracker ROI is the alert system you need to recoup stolen marketing dollars and put out the fire of missed opportunity.

If your team isn't able to answer new patient calls and still has trouble converting potential patients into appointments, why not let us answer your new patient calls for you with 80% or better conversion rate?

How much is 5-10 more new patients worth to you? $1,000? $800? Our average client is getting 5-10 new patients a month and spending $400. Come see what your missing!

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Why you will love working with Call Tracker ROI

Call Tracker ROI reports only the most important things you need to know. No trudging through complicated reports with too much data to confuse you. Call Tracker ROI tells you:

  • If and when you are missing calls
  • Whether the team is converting calls
  • If calls are not being converted Call Tracker ROI can tell you WHY
  • Call Tracker ROI can even tell you WHY calls are not being
    converted PER TEAM MEMBER. No other service can do that!
  • If you are paying a marketing agency to manage your call tracking, can you
    trust the reports on their own work is honest? If you want an unbiased
    opinion on what is REALLY going on with your telephone calls and how they
    are working for you, then you need our service.

Call Tracker ROI tracks
missed new patient

Call Tracker ROI
tracks individual staff
conversion ratios

Call Tracker ROI can alert you within
10 seconds that you have
missed a call so the team
can call the New Patient back

Call Tracker ROI gives you the
whole truth. It tells you which
ad sources patients are
actually coming from

When calls are not being
converted to patients,
Call Tracker ROI can show
you the call transcript and
the reason why

Call Tracker ROI has real people
listening, reviewing and
summarizing EVERY call,
not a computer

Call Tracker ROI gives
you a tool to calculate
actual ROI

Dr. Phelps offers a 2 day
workshop on internal,
external and grassroots
marketing efforts

We can find the Goose the lays more new patient 'golden eggs' for your practice. Our scheduling team answers and convert calls for you!

Your Call Tracker ROI membership includes a phone training system for the team. The very same training Dr. Phelps uses in his office! That is why he can say with 100% certainty that with the system, you will be scheduling over 80% of your calls and keeping them long term.

With Call Tracker ROI you can have 5-15 more new patients next month without spending more on marketing.

Keep your potential new patients
from calling anyone else

To The Caller

Missed Call
Text Alert

To The Office

CTROI's patented dual missed call text alert helps you tap into what could have been a missed opportunity in real time in order to recapture the new patient!.

Try it out now!

Call 704-207-0415
See how fast you get a text alert back from Call Tracker ROI!

Our system also works with Google Voice. If a caller goes to voicemail you are alerted right on your computer screen in real time so you can call them back right away.

Sample Report

See what Call Tracker ROI can be telling you each month!

Missed Calls By The Hour

Missed Calls
6am - 7am
7am - 8am
8am - 9am
9am - 10am
10am - 11am
11am - 12pm
12pm - 1pm
1pm - 2pm
2pm - 3pm
3pm - 4pm
4pm - 5pm
5pm - 6pm

Total Missed Calls - 27 Total
Answered Calls - 60
Total Missed Call % - 45%

Missed Calls by the Hour

Reported Ad Source:
Half Truth versus Whole Truth

What Every Other Call Tracking Company Gives You: The Half Truth

Ad Source - Half Truth
Direct Mail

The Half Truth

We're the ONLY ones who give you the whole truth:

Ad Source - Half Truth
Direct Mail

The Whole Truth

How many new patients are you missing by not offering to communicate the way they PREFER to communicate with you?

71% of people surveyed said they would rather chat with a practice than have to pick up the phone and call them.

Add MedChat and start converting chat to patients!

Mobile Optimized

MedChat is optimized to work seamlessly when a patient visits your website from their mobile device

HIPAA Secure

MedChat is one of only very few 100% HIPPA compliant chat features

90 Second Install

Just paste the code snippet at the bottom of your website source code and you’re ready to go

Multiple Locations

MedChat allows you to prompt the patient to choose an office location so they are connected with the correct operator

Away Message Form

When your office is closed the chat window will display a custom form allowing patients to leave you a message

Smart Routing

Our algorithm will automatically give a new chat to the front desk operator that is free or that has the least amount of current chats

With limited phone lines and both existing and new patients trying to call, new patient calls are missed. With MedChat, existing patients can schedule via chat and free up the phone lines for new patient calls.

2 Phone Lines

With MedChat

What are you waiting for?
Start reclaiming your practice today!


Most popular plan


per tracking number plus

Listener Charges

0.85 cents per minute 0 to 399 minutes
0.45 cents per minute volume discount if over 400 minutes

  • · Dual missed call text alert feature
  • · Staff conversion ratios
  • · Reasons why patients did not schedule
    (Something no other service offers!)
  • · Missed call analysis
  • · Whole truth ad source, where patients are actually coming from
  • · ROI tracking sheet


Moderate value


per tracking number

You Listen & Evaluate The Calls

  • · All the features from option A except ROI tracking sheet, whole truth ad source or reason why appointments were not scheduled

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