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A New Patient Is Worth $1,000 in the First Year Alone. Did you know the Average Office lets 40-50 Potential New Patient Calls go to voicemail or get a busy signal every month? Did you know that on average, the Staff Members Only Schedule 34% of the New Patient Opportunity Calls they did answer? YOU’RE LOSING TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS EVERY MONTH & DON’T EVEN KNOW IT! That's one of the biggest benefits of our service. We Guarantee you'll decrease your Unanswered Calls and Increase Your New Patient Numbers without having to invest a ton of money into new marketing mediums.

CallTrackerROI Features

Missed Opportunity Solutions

Our service is the ONLY one geared toward helping you recapture the $40,000-$50,000/month you're losing in lost revenue.

We Listen To Calls For You

LIVE Humans, NOT Computer Programs, REVIE your calls so YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

Missed Call Alerts

Our Patented software will immediatly send you and the caller a text message when you miss a call.

Comprehensive Reports

We Provide ALL the Data you need including the WHY behind why they are unable to convert opportunities into appointments. Other companies out there may show you the problem but they can't show you WHY you have it and HOW to fix it. WE CAN!


Now new & existing patients can make their appointments directly from your website while chatting LIVE with your team.

ROI Report & Solutions

We Calculate your ROI so You’ll Know What’s Working and What is Draining Your Marketing Resources. We also have the Solutions to any of the issues discovered in your Marketing and new patient conversion systems.

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Keep Your Potential New Patients From Calling Anyone Else


Turn Your Website Into An Appointment Booking Machine

MedChat is a highly secure HIPAA compliant website chat specifically designed for medical practices. New and Existing patients can chat with the front desk in real time to ask questions and book appointments. MedChat is included in all our packages or as a standalone service.

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